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The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR) is a participant-centred approach grounded in ancient contemplative traditions that have been informed by the latest findings in the medical, psychological, educational and business fields. It has been taught by Barbara Gerber and Janine Kirby since 2010.
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Online Sustaining and Deepening Practice Course

All who have competed an MBSR/MBCT are invited to join us for an online 8-week programme developed by Prof Mark Williams. The aim is to sustain and deepen the practice of mindfulness beyond the MBSR/MBCT programmes. The focus is on exploring feeling tone. Feeling tone refers to the felt sense of whether an experience is pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. Increasing awareness of feeling tone is implicit in all mindfulness-based interventions. This course seeks to make it more explicit, so that we can develop skills to explore this aspect of our experience ‘frame-by-frame’. The aim is to allow us move in close to the very moment when attachment or aversion is likely to begin, and, if left to itself, can then dominate the mind in subtle and...

Wednesday morning meditations

Wednesday morning meditations

Unfortunately the Wednesday mornings have been cancelled while there are restrictions due to the pandemic. We will re-start once the situation has improved. The Institute of Mindfulness of SA (IMISA) is holding guided sitting meditations every Monday and Thursday morning from 08h00-08h30, and on Wednesday evenings from 18h00-18h30. Contact Lynne lynne@mindfulness.org.za for details. All welcome to join....